Adult Toys For Sexual Fantasies

Bring your sexual fantasies to life with an adult toy!  This is a collection of sex toys for couples that are ideal for indulging your erotic sex fantasy.  Intimate restraints and kinky bondage tools can help you live out your dream of intense tied-up sex while advanced BDSM toys can fulfill your Dominant and submissive sex desires!  Whatever your bedroom fantasy, these are the sex toys you need to implement your pleasurable vision!

Sex Harness
comfortable harness for sex

Fulfill the sexual desires you crave to have with your partner, using this strap on Harness . This sex tool is suction-cup dildo compatible and is extremely comfortable due to its adjustable straps! Everything will be held nice and tight and in place, letting you deliver deep thrusts and erotic penetration!



Breathable Ball Gag
ball gag sex toy

“This ball gag is actually very well made and very comfortable to use.” – Linda Jackson, Amazon Review, 2016

Have you been wanting to try out a submissive or dominant fantasy? The Breathable Ball Gag is an excellent choice for those who are looking to experiment with bondage! You or your submissive will love the fact that this ball gag is equipped with ten air holes for safe and fun play. “I had a wonderful experience trying out this product …I would suggest you try it.” – telia harness, Amazon Review, 2016. The sturdy patent faux leather straps will keep this gag in place for hours of BDSM exploration! Even experience bondage couples will enjoy this secure sex muzzle!

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Dare Silicone Anal Toy
vibrating butt plug

“This silicone butt plug gives off very powerful pleasurable vibrations that can be set to provide several levels of pulsing vibrations that will surely get your full attention.” – JEVEN, Amazon Review, 2016

Always wanted to experience double penetration? Try the Dare Silicone Anal Toy during sex for incredible stimulation! This silicone butt plug has a vibration feature with ten patterns and speeds for amazing pleasure! A handy remote control lets you and your partner play in any position! “The size is perfect and the material is pretty smooth so that it won’t hurt the sensitive skin around that area.” – Kay, Amazon Review, 2016. The flared base means this plug will never slip inside you! Use this anal vibrator on your man for an amazing blow job! The silicone material is unbelievably soft, flexible, and completely hygienic!

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Bed Bondage System
bed bondage kit bdsm

Here’s a simple solution for intense bondage fun! The Bed Bondage System is a great kit for couples who want to explore bondage–or those who have been enjoying bondage for years! You can use this kit with any size mattress, just slip the straps underneath and clip them together! It’s never been so easy to restrain your partner. The soft nylon cuffs will not chafe skin and the Velcro is so easy to use!


Double Trouble Vibrating Ring
erection enhancer sex toy

“Would buy again in a heartbeat and would definitely recommend.” – Lindsey & Jerome, Amazon Review, 2016

Couples often use sex toys in order to boost their libidos. With the Double Trouble Vibrating Ring you can make sex feel like the first time, every time! When wearing this cock ring, your man will experience a greater, prolonged erection. This is due to the restricted blood flow to and from the penis. “I love this toy. Either with my husband or when using my favorite vibrator or dildo. ” – Amazon Review, 2016. His cock will be as hard as the first time you had sex! Not only that, there is a second ring to go around his balls to delay ejaculation and give even more stimulation! There are two powerful bullets for double the pleasure!

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Strap On Harness
strap on harness sex toy

“This strap on is adjustable, you can adjust both hips and legs.” – Amazon Review, 2016

This Strap On Harness can be used by female-male couples or female-female couples! It features four adjustable straps that expand to 60″. This harness includes four different O-rings to attach various sized dildos. “The support on it is beyond awesome!” – Amazon Review, 2016. Use this to explore pegging your male partner or to try out penetration in your lesbian relationship!

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Temptation Silicone Anal Stimulator
anal stimulator sex toy

“This is good for a trainer or anyone wanting to try something new to spice things up.” – mamatwitch, Amazon Review, 2016

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player you’ll love the silky silicone texture of the Temptation Anal Stimulator! It’s firm yet soft for amazing sensations. This anal probe is just one inch in diameter so beginners will feel comfortable inserting this toy! If you’re experienced with anal play try this toy for quick and fun anal stimulation! “This vibrator is very soft and the ribbed design is perfect for exploring new territories.” – EandLmommy09, Amazon Review, 2016. The ribbed shaft and realistic head are pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing for ultimate anal sex!

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Pleasure Tape
bondage tape sex bdsm

Indulge in a sexy fantasy with your lover! There’s nothing easier to use than this Pleasure Tape. It clings only to itself and is non-adhesive. Just wrap this patent tape around their arms, legs, and body to restrain them! You can make sexy outfits and designs on their body with this 50 foot long tape. You don’t need to know any knots or special ties to use it!