How To Share Your Erotic Sex Fantasy With Your Lover

It’s normal to have an erotic sexual fantasy that you feel a little shy about sharing with your lover.  Just about everyone has some kind of kinky fantasy, and incorporating your secret wishes into your sex life is fun, healthy, and incredibly pleasurable.  Fulfilling your intimate desires with your partner can help spice things up in the bedroom. It lead to more satisfying sex and give you intense sexual thrills you have never known!  So, if you are ready to take the steps to achieving heightened sexual gratification, follow this guide on how to share your erotic fantasy with your lover!

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Talk About It:  If you want to fulfill your erotic sex fantasy, the first step is to discuss it with your partner!  This is often the hardest part, because it requires you share a very personal side of yourself.  If you are involved in a healthy sexual relationship, your lover will hear what you have to say and have a desire to bring your fantasies to life.  It is best to do this before you are already in bed with your partner to ensure all questions can be answered and all preparations can be made.  Once the ice has been broken, don’t be surprised if your partner shares his sexual fantasies with you!  This won’t just improve your sex life, but it will also bring you and your lover closer together.

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Preparations:  Now that your partner is on board, think about what will make your fantasy evening perfect.  What kind of sex tools do you need?  Is this a BDSM fantasy requiring any restraints, gags, whips, or paddles?  Are you role playing or does anyone need a special costume?  Do you want to create an intimate scene using candles, massage oils, or incense?  It is highly likely that your sexual fantasy is fairly common, so a more specific preparation guide is likely to already exist somewhere online.  Try searching your fantasy for more specific sex tools that you can use and preparations you can make.

If you and your partner will be taking on certain roles (such as a Dominant and submissive), research how you should behave.  Also, be sure to discuss guidelines with your lover regarding what is and is not okay to do, especially if you are role playing for engaging in bondage.

Make It Happen:  Your hard work will be rewarded with a night of explosive pleasure!  Pick a night the two of you will be completely focused on one another.  Remember that this is supposed to be a lot of fun, not uncomfortable!  If you and your lover really adopt the roles and stick with the fantasy, you will both feel less awkward and more inspired to play the part!  Stay focused on your partner and really delve into the fantasy.  This is a night to be enjoyed, so live out those sexual desires the way you always imagined you would!

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It can feel a little intimidating to talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies for the first time. But, communicating your sexual desires is the only way to have them fulfilled!  If you are in a loving, caring relationship, your partner will love discussing your interests and performing for you!  Take the time to plan out your evening to eliminate any unnecessary stress and enjoy the fantasy.  This is YOUR NIGHT, so relax and indulge!